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Geometry Dash is the game that has been discovered in the year 2013, and its last update was on December 21, 2015. The game was developed by Robert Topala, and it can be downloaded and played on various devices like IOS, Android, Windows and OS X. It has 20 levels and is a rhythm based game; also each level has its own background music. It also has many features like Level editor, Map packs, secret coins and the variety of icons. The background music of the game is very much exclusive and a different melody is played in the background for each different level. The levels are not unlocked, and the player can play any level at any point of time, it is not necessary that after the completion of one level only, he can jump onto the other one. The game has been rated 3+, and it takes only 3MB of the storage capacity, which is very less when compared to other games. The game is designed in such a way that the person who is playing it for the first time will get addicted to it within no seconds. Play Geometry Dash on your PC

Geometry Dash Features:

The game Geometry Dash has many features that will interest you.

  • It a rhythm based game which mainly focus on action.
  • The game Geometry Dash is very exciting and challenging at the same time.
  • A practice mode is also available to warm up your skills.
  • You can also make your own levels and win many prizes after completing the level.
  • You are also allowed to customize and design your character as per your own way.
  • The set of achievements and awards for the game, Geometry Dash, are very appealing.
  • It also has excellent graphics and fascinating levels.

Geometry Dash

Play Geometry Dash Online

How to download Geometry Dash on Android?

It is always better to download the ‘apk’ file instead of searching in different stores. However, before downloading the game, you must always make sure that you go through the anti- virus application before going to the execution level.
– You can find the free version of the game Geometry Dash on the internet; you can download that, make sure that the version that has been mentioned is virus free so that it must not create any problems in the future.
– Don’t forget to download Google Play store before downloading the game and its installation.
– Open the file manager on your Android phone and the click on Geometry Dash apk.
– Once you open, install it.
– After the installation process is done, restart your phone, and once your phone is switched on, you will be able to play the game for ‘n’ number of hours.
Geometry Dash Download Here :- Geometry Dash for Android
Geometry Dash for Android

Guide for Geometry Dash:

The guide for this game is available in the play store and also on the version for windows. This guide helps the player to play the game in such a way that it will help you to finish the game in one take itself. It provides many articles, video and lot more stuff to make the game easier for you. The guide also includes the ways to cheat and hack and gives you many tips to make it easy. The game can be played by the age group of 8-80, and mind you; it is very addictive game. You need to work on each and every level to finish the level with many prizes in your kitty. In case, you meet through any obstacle during the game; you need to start the game from the beginning. The game also provides you a practice version for you to sharpen your skills. The player of the game must also be very alert while playing the game or else he will to pay for his carelessness.
The 20 levels of the game can be played in any order as all of them are unlocked. With each level, the player can collect three secret coins that are either hidden or scattered.

Review of Geometry Dash:

The game, Geometry Dash is a rhythm based games and gives the platform for major action. In the game, they are given a square to navigate in such an environment that looks easy but is very difficult. The kids while playing the game might get irritated because any one mistake by them will get them back to the beginning of the game, which is very frustrating as well. There is no violence in the game and have 20 levels. For the kids, who do not get irritated that soon, this might be an OK game? For the kids, who are very competitive, this game will be a challenging one as you need to complete the level without any mistake which itself is a big task. The practice mode of the game helps the kids to sharpen their skills.

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All in all, we can say that the overall review of the game is positive. As per the analysis by the parents, it has been found out that the game is very entertaining and challenging. Kids love this game. It has good music and good graphics. And the main key point is that you don’t need any internet connection for playing the game, which is a major plus point.

Thus, I hope that after reading this article even you will be excited to play the game if you have not started playing it and for all the ones who have already begun to play the game, good luck!

Geometry Dash Apk Latest Version Download

Stay tuned for more updates; we will let you know in case there are some other cheats and hacks to make the game easier.

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