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Before starting, what according to you is geometry dash? Let me tell you it’s not a mathematic rule or formula! (Yes, most of them get confused with the name). So geometry dash is a mobile video game. It is a game with 20 levels and its theme is basically winning running race accompanied by some themes of music. And each level comes up with different rhythms. There are 20 levels in this full version. Only three levels need to be unlocked rest 17 can be played without any problem and every level is, filled with rewards and secret coins.

Usually, the game seems to be simple, but when it progresses, it gets difficult to win. Also, it is not easy to win because there are a number of obstacles such as decorations, lights, and other elements of the game. Every time the game is available with new features and add-ons. And the levels can be distinguished from easy to the demon. The game lasts from 1.22 to 1.42 minutes (main levels).

If a player finds difficult to understand the game, the game provides with a practice mode to understand the game completely before starting it. This practice mode is available for the changes in each level. Like other video games, in this game even check points are available making the player come back to the last point rather than once again starting the game. These check points can be resembled by green diamond shape gems presented at the time of checkpoint.

The stars in the game depict the level of difficulty. The levels are won by gaining more and more number of stars.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

This geometry dash lite is the original game plays only but comes with minor changes so it is called as, lite version of geometry dash. This game is available for iOS and Android and comes with only 10 levels. Unlike the full version this game comes with only 55 stars and 31 coins. Also the content here is limited when compared to the full version. This Lite version comes with 1.3 updated version. The achievements earned in this version is also different from the full version. Also the interface for this game is easier than the full version even though the full version is also friendly to use.

Features of Geometry Dash Lite Game :

You can record your own game, which means you can share or replay your game whenever you want.

  • New levels added to the lite version.
  • Attracting characters and colours.
  • Runs on all operating systems.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Attracting rewards and achievements.
  • Level editor
  • Different types of maps.
  • Secret coins(I like them a lot)
  • Game modes( landscape and all)
  • Secret vault.

How to Geometry Dash Lite Game Online , PC, Android ,Iphone


This game is a simple friendly usage game. In this game, the user taps on the screen to control the vehicles. The game comes with music which is the main element of the game. Like other games, even this game proceeds to other level by winning each level. And if the player misses the chance due to anything, suppose death of the player by an obstacle he will have to again start the game from very start. There is no specific rigidity to complete the levels in line, one can choose the level to play according to his mood. The levels in the game can be unlocked in many ways such as attaining a higher number of stars, trying finishing all levels, completing certain tasks, inviting friends, reviews and ratings etc. Once each level is passed the user is prized with icons and colours. Provided, in this game the players can customise their own profile and icons using colours which they active.

You can download the game from Google play store or iPhone app store, or you can play it online too. Happy gaming!

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