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Geometry Dash for PC : Geometry Dash Game is played by tapping or touching the system to control different vehicles which react when a player touches anywhere on the touch screen. In this game, the vehicles will be moving very fast and the user cannot control the speed at which the icon is moving the only way to change the speed is that by clicking or touching a speed changing the menu. The key parts of this game are Timing and the Rhythm of the music, which is related to each other, The main objective of this game is to complete a level by reaching the end of it if the players manage to reach the end he qualifies in case the player dies due to obstacle; he must begin from the start

In this Game, you can complete all the achievements which give you the plus point. These achievements can be unlocked in many ways, by getting a certain number of stars, completing a certain task, completing official levels, adding friends, rating, levels, etc. To unlock customization features, the player must first unlock certain achievements to unlock all these features, so the more achievements you unlock, the more features it adds to the game

Geometry Dash PC
Geometry Dash APK Features for PC
1) You can make your own levels in Geometry Dash file
2) You get loads of prizes in this Amusement after finishing errands
3) Entertainment gets to be addictive because of its level and in Geometry dash you will get bunches of levels
4) You can also rehearse in the practice mode and figure out to play the diversion successfully.

Geometry Dash for PC
How to Download & Install Geometry Dash PC

Play Geometry Dash Lite on PC and Mac with Bluestacks Android Emulator This app is only available for Android users and For PC users, the IOS users cannot download this game, the users can also download who has Windows version like Windows XP, Windows 7 and above

1) First, Download the Geometry Dash App from the BlueStacks App play Store or from Google there you can find many links
2) Once the downloading is done, click the downloaded file and open it through BlueStack Application
3) After a while, the App will get installed on your PC or System,
4) Find the Geometry App on your system, open the App and it is ready to run,
5) With the help of the mouse, you can be able to play the game, for Laptop users can use their Touchpad to play the game.
6) The game is now installed on the PC. Happy Gaming

How to install Geometry Dash App on Android Device

To download this App on your Android device it is quite easy to download, as the game is Available on Play store so it can be downloaded directly from there, all you need to have is a working Data connection or a Speed Wi-Fi
1) On your Android device, open play store, make sure that you are Signed into the Google accounts, if you are not signed in, Go to settings> accounts >add account> add a Google account to have access to play store
2) After the signing process is done, click on search option on play store App, and type Geometry App
3) Select the application, there you can see an option called Install click on it
4) The downloading process will get started
5) After the downloading is done , the App automatically gets installed on the phone
6) After installation is done you will get a notification, and you are ready to use the game.

Download Geometry Dash for Android

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